Installing SuperGloo

Installing SuperGloo

1. Install CLI supergloo

To install the CLI, run the following.

curl -sL | sh

Alternatively, you can download the CLI directly via the github releases page.

Next, add SuperGloo to your path, for example:

export PATH=$HOME/.supergloo/bin:$PATH

Verify the CLI is installed and running correctly with:

supergloo --version

2. Install the SuperGloo Controller to your Kubernetes Cluster using supergloo init

Once your Kubernetes cluster is up and running, run the following command to deploy the SuperGloo Controller and Discovery pods to the supergloo-system namespace:

supergloo init

installing supergloo version 0.3.0
using chart uri
serviceaccount "supergloo" created
serviceaccount "discovery" created "supergloo" created "discovery" created "supergloo-role-binding" created "discovery-role-binding" created
deployment.extensions "supergloo" created
deployment.extensions "discovery" created
install successful!

You can see the kubernetes YAML supergloo is installing to your cluster without installing by running supergloo init --dry-run.

NOTE: You can install SuperGloo to an existing namespace by providing the -n option. If the option is not provided, the namespace defaults to supergloo-system.

supergloo init -n my-namespace

Check that the SuperGloo and Discovery pods have been created:

kubectl get all -n supergloo-system
NAME                             READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
pod/discovery-6cd7d88846-mjlhp   1/1       Running   0          23s
pod/supergloo-6bb758969f-frsrz   1/1       Running   0          23s

NAME                        DESIRED   CURRENT   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
deployment.apps/discovery   1         1         1            1           23s
deployment.apps/supergloo   1         1         1            1           23s

NAME                                   DESIRED   CURRENT   READY     AGE
replicaset.apps/discovery-6cd7d88846   1         1         1         23s
replicaset.apps/supergloo-6bb758969f   1         1         1         23s

Next steps

Now that you’ve successfully installed SuperGloo, let’s put it to work in our tutorial, installing a mesh with SuperGloo


To uninstall SuperGloo and all related components, simply run the following:

supergloo init --dry-run | kubectl delete -f -

If you installed SuperGloo to a different namespace, you will have to specify that namespace using the -n option:

supergloo init --dry-run -n my-namespace | kubectl delete -f -