Deploying the Bookinfo Example

A number of tutorials make use of the Istio Bookinfo sample application. This guide explains how to deploy the Bookinfo Application with automatic sidecar injection enabled.

Prerequisites: Istio must already be installed and running in your cluster. See installing a mesh for instructions setting up Istio.

To deploy the bookinfo sample, first enable automatic sidecar injection on the default namespace (or any namespace of your choosing):

kubectl label namespace default istio-injection=enabled

Next, create the bookinfo deployments and services:

kubectl apply -n default -f \

We should be up and running in a few minutes:

kubectl get pod -n default --watch

NAME                             READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
details-v1-6764bbc7f7-k4rhk      2/2       Running   0          27s
productpage-v1-54b8b9f55-sxxnw   2/2       Running   0          27s
ratings-v1-7bc85949-kh4f9        2/2       Running   0          27s
reviews-v1-fdbf674bb-z467l       2/2       Running   0          27s
reviews-v2-5bdc5877d6-gvgns      2/2       Running   0          27s
reviews-v3-dd846cc78-55wr5       2/2       Running   0          27s

We should see 2/2 containers are READY, since one of those containers is the sidecar injected by Istio.