Deploying the Bookinfo Example

A number of tutorials make use of the Istio Bookinfo sample application. This guide explains how to deploy the Bookinfo Application with automatic sidecar injection enabled.

Prerequisites: Istio or Linkerd must already be installed and running in your cluster. See installing Istio or installing Linkerd for instructions.

To deploy the bookinfo sample, first enable automatic sidecar injection on the default namespace (or any namespace of your choosing):

Istio Injection Label

kubectl label namespace default istio-injection=enabled

Linkerd Injection Annotation

kubectl annotate namespace default

Next, create the bookinfo deployments and services:

kubectl --namespace default apply --filename \

We should be up and running in a few minutes:

kubectl --namespace default get pod --watch
NAME                             READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
details-v1-6764bbc7f7-k4rhk      2/2       Running   0          27s
productpage-v1-54b8b9f55-sxxnw   2/2       Running   0          27s
ratings-v1-7bc85949-kh4f9        2/2       Running   0          27s
reviews-v1-fdbf674bb-z467l       2/2       Running   0          27s
reviews-v2-5bdc5877d6-gvgns      2/2       Running   0          27s
reviews-v3-dd846cc78-55wr5       2/2       Running   0          27s

We should see 2/2 containers are READY, since one of those containers is the sidecar injected by either Istio or Linkerd.