Package: smi.split.v1alpha1

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TrafficTarget associates a set of traffic definitions (rules) with a service identity which is allocated to a group of pods. Access is controlled via referenced TrafficSpecs and by a list of source service identities. * If a pod which holds the referenced service identity makes a call to the destination on one of the defined routes then access will be allowed * Any pod which attempts to connect and is not in the defined list of sources will be denied * Any pod which is in the defined list, but attempts to connect on a route which is not in the list of the TrafficSpecs will be denied

"matches": []smi.split.v1alpha1.HTTPMatch
Field Type Description Default
metadata Metadata contains the object metadata for this resource
matches []smi.split.v1alpha1.HTTPMatch Routes for inbound traffic


HTTPMatch defines an individual route for HTTP traffic

"name": string
"methods": []string
"pathRegex": string
Field Type Description Default
name string Name is the name of the match for referencing in a TrafficTarget
methods []string Methods for inbound traffic as defined in RFC 7231
pathRegex string PathRegex is a regular expression defining the route